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Games with JavaScript


-SkyLock24- 2021-02-11 20:10

Is it possible to make games with JavaScript?

was8bit 2021-02-12 05:00

Here... nope...

G-9 2021-02-12 07:29

No, but web-lowresnx-player was bulit with it if i remember...

Timo 2021-02-12 10:20

The web player is still the normal code written in C, but it's compiled with "Emscripten". This outputs a mix of JavaScript and WebAssembly, which runs directly in the browser. This is quite cool technology actually :)

But no, in LowRes NX you cannot program in JavaScript. But you can do it directly with HTML5 etc.

S3B4 2021-02-12 12:42

JavaScript to NX compiler?

G-9 2021-02-12 12:44

No , just inverse
NX to Web compiler :)

S3B4 2021-02-12 12:44

yes, but it would be cool if someone made it

-SkyLock24- 2021-02-12 19:48

I mean in a JS processor

qwaffe 2021-02-13 01:02

i mean, if you mean in general (outside NX), yes you can make games with javascript

G-9 2021-02-16 12:26

A JS processor ? Actually if you want to do it you can :)
It will be perfect with RetroArch

TTc 2021-03-02 20:14

I tried a java code and it dosn't work here...

qwaffe 2021-03-02 23:53

java is different from javascript

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-03 00:05

I didn’t mean in Lowres, I meant in Processing.js

qwaffe 2021-03-03 03:42 (Edited)

You absolutely can: an example

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