Work in Progress

Piano Roll 1.0 [alpha]


SP4CEBAR 2021-03-08 22:58 (Edited)

I'm making a piano roll music program. I'm almost done!
With this version you can import and export your music as a file.
I'm not done yet, the FX page is still under construction, and there are quite a lot of bugs.

Timo 2021-03-09 07:00

This looks very cool!
You could use the same file format as Sound Composer, then your music would work directly with the MUSIC command.

Timo 2021-04-09 20:16

I hope I find some time to look at this more deeply, it looks really interesting.

was8bit 2021-04-12 18:30


SP4CEBAR 2021-04-14 21:28


was8bit 2021-04-23 03:37

Whew... i can only imagine all the hard work..l

SP4CEBAR 2021-04-23 20:33

@was8bit I've used 9203 tokens already

was8bit 2021-04-24 08:30


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