Let’s make coding puns!


-SkyLock24- 2021-03-10 23:04

When you write a paper, you have to start from SCRATCH!

There is a fine LINE between LowRes Coder and LowRes NX!

When you upload a program, you have to WAIT to get likes

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-10 23:15

They cannot be inappropriate
Must be clean

was8bit 2021-03-11 02:52

IF you drink too much water THEN you will have to GOTO the bathroom

G-9 2021-03-11 06:31

IF you GOTO school with GAMEPAD THEN you can't TOUCH

(haha, not funny )

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-11 08:09


-SkyLock24- 2021-03-11 08:09

@8bit, G-9 those are both funny lolol

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-11 08:10

Did you know that Timo played in a horror movie? There was this one scene when the lights DIMmed out!

was8bit 2021-03-11 08:26

An illegal PEEK will send you to the POKE with no EXIT

nwallen 2021-03-12 16:15

To make your code more efficient, sometimes you need to be a BIT WISE in your OPERATIONS.

CubicleHead 2021-03-12 18:56 (Edited)

Where will these puns END?
ヽ(`Д´)ノ ┻━┻
That sucked

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-13 02:18

Timo had a friend who worked on C++ once. You know what his name was? VECTOR!

G-9 2021-03-13 06:18

Okay but LowRes was coded in C only :P

nwallen 2021-03-15 21:32

Before your skills become RUST you should GO and C what other programming languages are out there.

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-15 23:15


WhyCanInotThinkOfAName? 2021-03-17 21:53

if you GO get a SUB, you must RETURN.
That sucks so much, i physically got hurt from it.

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