Eyy I’m back


CamleeW 2021-08-06 04:51

Hi! You may or may not recognize my username, but I used to use lowres like two years ago. I completely forgot about this app until a few days ago. So now I’m here again. Thinking about making up to date remakes of my old games. Might be fun.

was8bit 2021-08-06 05:47

Hiya :)

TEXT based programs will convert to here very easy... as well as SPRITES based programs...

GRAPHIC based programs will not easily convert... if your graphics are math powered, it "MAY" be possible to convert ...

original LowRes is pixel based with up to 4 variable layers... LowRes Nx is character based (blocks of 8x8 pixels) with 2 fixed layers (backgrounds) ... you can "trick" NX to kinda function on a pixel level, but it isn't easy nor will the original code directly transfer, you would have to totally hack your code all around ...

.... I am still on the original LowRes board... you can post over there some programs you are interested into converting, and I can help you convert them... pick some small ones to start with :)

CamleeW 2021-08-06 11:49

Thanks for the tips!

was8bit 2021-08-06 15:03


was8bit 2021-08-06 15:12 (Edited)

Some helpful links...






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