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i forgot password


japanese 2022-01-06 02:10

i want change my account, but i forgot my password. so i tried to fix it , specifically, waited e-mail, but it did not arrive!
i live in japan, so is that the cause?

Timo 2022-01-06 06:51

Sorry, it’s because of that:

I will probably check it this weekend.

japanese 2022-01-06 08:02

ok! take your time. :)

japanese 2022-01-06 08:28 (Edited)

i have one more question!
do you have a lowresnx's server?

this link in not available

G-9 2022-01-09 06:31

No LowRes NX doesn't have a Discord server and will never, otherwise this community section would be useless :(

Timo 2022-01-09 09:08

I fixed the e-mails for the forum :)

There still is a LowRes NX channel on the Fantasy Consoles Discord server, but there almost isn’t any activity. I made it mostly to get new users and bring them here ;)

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