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Sort of HillClimb Racing


SP4CEBAR 2022-09-07 20:45 (Edited)

For a while I wanted to make HillClimb racing, and with my real-time rotations I can finally start it

HillClimb.nx | Open in app
2022-09-13 07:41
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2022-09-09 14:40
HillClimb.nx | Open in app
2022-09-09 14:29
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2022-09-09 14:05
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2022-09-09 13:48
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2022-09-08 12:06
HillClimb.nx | Open in app
2022-09-07 20:45

McPepic 2022-09-07 21:13

I imagine having a tile-based driving game will be problematic. You could probably smooth out the hills and have some raycasting system that operates per wheel and points straight down. The wheels could then raise and lower (suspension). This way, you could take the angle between the two wheels and use it as the truck's rotation.

Really cool prototype! :)

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-08 11:44 (Edited)

I've made smooth terrain before, so I could use that
The approach you mentioned looks promising

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-08 12:07

- background hills
- sky is bright

was8bit 2022-09-08 13:17

You could also separate your visual stuff for your car with the detection system... perhaps quickly add sprites in key positions to detect collision.. also could add temporarily changing nearby cells into sprite to get pixel perfect collision detection

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-08 13:56 (Edited)

I've done that before, that's really useful when the terrain is smoothened, right now, with this blocky terrain, checking characters is fine

was8bit 2022-09-08 21:31

Gotcha ;)

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 13:49

- I added one line of code to fix the spinning out-of-control issue

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 14:08 (Edited)

- added sound:
oh man do I love the frequency registers, I found a good mix of a triangle wave and a pulse wave
sawtooth and square waves sound plane-like, triangle waves sound more car-like

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 14:17 (Edited)

To turn this into hill climb racing:

I'll probably upload that as a separate program

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 14:25

Also, my iPad is becoming noticeably slower, Apple why!, it's been fast for years

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 14:30

- idle engine sound, higher RPM engine sound

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 14:42 (Edited)

- improved wheel animations (math)
instead of switching characters based on velocity and modulo and complicated math, it now just uses the horizontal position, and it works just fine (and the result is more accurate)

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-09 15:08 (Edited)

I just realized that I can just include my rotated character generator code in a game to be able to generate rotations for custom vehicles, it can just show a loading screen whenever a game starts

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-13 07:42

- With some help from by brother, we fixed the artifacts!

McPepic 2022-09-13 15:03

My car just fell through the floor. Conveniently, an identical one just happened to fall from the sky.

SP4CEBAR 2022-09-13 16:08


was8bit 2022-09-13 16:49

(Hidden cheat ;) ,,)

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