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where can we find LowResNX GNU/Linux binaries?


nitrofurano 2022-12-13 22:13 (Edited)


in the download part of we can find macos-x and ms-windows binaries of LowRes NX, but for GNU/Linux we can only find as source

the problem is i struggled to compile these sources following those instructions at (i don't know if this can be considered as an useful "log": )

so, did anyone try to share ready .deb, appimage, tarball, or whatever binary packages of LowRes NX anywhere? (starting on amd64/i386, and eventually all other architectures) - would be so cool... :)


G-9 2022-12-14 08:35

1: let's hate appimage forever
2: compiling for source is better since it builds for your own hardware
3: i don't know how to make a deb but i can share a zip file with an executable lowres nx file

nitrofurano 2022-12-14 15:16

a .zip file is great indeed, cool and thanks! (.zip ignores executable file attribute from unix-based filesystems, but we just need to enter "chmod +x" on it, no problem! :) )

Timo 2022-12-14 16:55

The reason why there is no Linux binary: I have no idea of Linux, so I don't officially support it. But as people added a Linux make file to the open source project, I at least wanted to share the link to it officially.

nitrofurano 2022-12-17 17:03

well, in the "end" i'm using windoze version on wine for the iterative process, but i'd prefer a lot using the native binary gnu/linux version

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