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Beast905 2022-12-30 03:51

I was messing around with the background and I accidentally changed the font color to a lime green color. How do I change it back to the default color?

was8bit 2022-12-30 05:16 (Edited)

Technically your fonts are graphics, and they can take on pallette colors 0-7

In code, try PAL 0 or whatever palette # you want right before you add your text...

If you mean while editing your background, try setting the palette and redo those spots, or you can also select PALETTE editing option if you want to be fancy... generally be sure to set the palette before editing each part of the background...

was8bit 2022-12-30 05:16 (Edited)

If you still have issues, point me to the code or program in question for further help :)

Beast905 2022-12-30 17:09

Ok thank you. I was asking because I was trying to program the cells to show a graph of a function that would be inputted in a new function I was testing. I like the default font color but I was changing it so that the graph’s x and y axis were a different color from the graph of the function and in doing this I changed the normal font color. I tried adding a bit of code in my current version as palette 0 with background 0 but that didn’t change the font color for the rest of the code back to the default color.

was8bit 2022-12-30 17:34

I will look at your code... just give me about a day... :)

Beast905 2022-12-31 00:32

I think I fixed it. I just had to rearrange a few things. Lol

Beast905 2022-12-31 00:33

I thought the last 3 values of the palette code were for RGB color values I didn’t realize that the first corresponded to the upper-left color of the text, middle corresponded to the main color, and the last one corresponded to the shadow color of the text

was8bit 2022-12-31 04:59

Cool :)

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