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How to Convert a tracker file (eg. Famitracker, Furnace, etc.) to LowRes NX Sound Code?


mirukitea 2023-07-09 09:18

I was wondering if it was possible to use famitracker or similar to make LowRes NX sounds...

McPepic 2023-07-09 12:40

The problem is that the files have completely different formats.
If you want to be able to convert them, you’d have to write your own converter.

Timo 2023-07-09 16:55

The NX format is described in the manual. You could write a converter, but I guess famitracker has different limitations than NX, so no 1-to-1 conversions are possible.

EnderCal1012 2023-07-13 12:22 (Edited)

Fami-Tracker uses many different retro sound code styles. but the default one used uses 2 pulse voices, 1 triangle pulse, and a PCM channel but that's pretty useless. You can't just export it to the LowRes NX but it does make it easier to recreate since sound composer has an on-screen piano.

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