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Could anyone help me make a health,fighting and currency system for my text game


Kirtkyu 2023-07-31 03:18

I'm fairly new to lowres soo dont know about other stuff

Kirtkyu 2023-07-31 03:20

Here is the file for my game

Beyond Remade.nx | Open in app
2023-07-31 03:20

Kirtkyu 2023-07-31 03:26

The game is not finished yet

was8bit 2023-07-31 05:07 (Edited)

Take a look what I've added.... you really need to avoid PRINT and start using TEXT and NUMBER commands...

I have made you a scrolling text SUB that will help you organize your text, and reduce your risk of making your program too big (lowres will not run your code if you add too many things... there is a limit) so rather than use 10-20 things to create a whole page of text, using the scrolling text will only count as 1 thing... ;)

It will also avoid worring about fitting the text to the screen

... it ALSO adds player feedback (3 choices), giving them a chance to reread the text, and to speed up or slow down the scrolling :)

Additionally, it frees up more space for other stuff, like a text map or something ;)

was8bit 2023-07-31 05:11

Your game looks exciting, btw :)

was8bit 2023-07-31 05:16

... in your current game, you offer 2 or 3 choices... the SUB i added can return up to 3 choices, it returns a 1, or a 2, or a 3... ;) the choice to reread the message does not interfere with these 3 choices ...

Kirtkyu 2023-07-31 06:00

Thanks! But I have one question the options at the end of the scrolling text how do you change the names of it has now these names ok,no or sp

was8bit 2023-07-31 11:42

So, I have tweaked the code for the scrolling sub :)

Now the player choices are 0,1,2,3 with choice 0< will reread the text, and options 1,2,3 will be choices for your game, in line with the #'s you are already using :)

Also, the text for choices 1,2,3 must be added into your CALL SUB statement (see how i have done it) and you can use 4 characters per choice as i have done, or at least make sure all 3 text choices do not exceed a total of 12 characters or the reread option will get bumped off the screen...

.. example "ok","no","go back" add up to 11 characters and would be OK

.. example "yes","reject","return" add up to 15 characters and the reread option would get bumped off the screen

was8bit 2023-07-31 11:47

You can do a fuller explanation of the choices in the main text, and use abbreviated versions for the choice screen... example....

"Do you want to go back to town, enter the cave, or run away into the woods"
Choices... "town","cave","run"

was8bit 2023-07-31 11:52

The code works by reading the text character the player touches... so currently it will respond to text #'s 0,1,2,3

was8bit 2023-07-31 12:02 (Edited)

Take note of this code...


... normally variables inside a SUB will not interfere with same named variables elsewhere, all variables inside a SUB are like their own little program and insulated from all other code...

Using the GLOBAL command forces lowres to recognize these variables as the same regardless of where they may be ...

So, each time you adjust any of these variables, just use CALL SHOWSTATS after any adjustment and your current values will be updated and shown up on the top of the screen ;)

SP4CEBAR 2023-08-14 09:30

Whenever any of these values change, you could use NX's ADD command, like:


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