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Switch from local to iCloud storage


nebyoolae 2023-09-19 19:02

I accidentally switched from iCloud storage to local storage in the iOS app and now my stuff isn't synced. How do I switch back?

Timo 2023-09-19 21:12

Did your programs disappear from the app?
I don’t remember now how this behaves, but I recommend to check if everything is still available in the “Files” app or in iCloud Drive on a computer. Make backups and then we will see…

Timo 2023-09-19 21:12

(Implementing iCloud in the app was a pain)

nebyoolae 2023-09-19 22:06

My apps in iCloud did not disappear, but now the iOS app only sees stuff that is local to itself (so if I make an update on macOS, it doesn't affect what iOS LowRes NX sees anymore, and vice versa).

FYI, I've used iCloud syncing since I started using the app (in Jan 2023), and it's been great. However, at some point I got a "hey, iCloud and local phone don't match, which should I use?" dialog, and I chose my local phone copy, and now I don't know how to undo that.

was8bit 2023-09-20 03:10

I have several apple devices that are usually kept turned off... so even though they all use cloud, they only use it when on and connected to internet, which i often stay offline...

So i often only use ONE device for most of my work... IF I use another device, I make a copy and continue with the copy... that way if i forget i won’t lose something....

... and sorry, when you mess up like this, I’m almost positive you cannot recover what you lost... sorry :(

Timo 2023-09-20 06:07 (Edited)

We are talking about two different things now:

The "iCloud and local phone don't match, which should I use?" dialog appears, if iCloud messes up a file and doesn't know, which one is the newest. This usually happens, if a file was changes on two different devices and then there is a sync conflict. The dialog is just to choose one version of the file, but iCloud stays enabled.

The other thing is, if you switched off iCloud (Drive) on your device or for the app. So, if you still see your programs in the "Files" tool, make a backup (just in case), then enable iCloud on the device and in the app settings (if necessary).
Not sure, which files you will see then in the app. In any case you can copy the files from your backup back to the app then (using Mac or "Files" app).

I hope this helps!

nebyoolae 2023-09-21 15:36

Well, I'm not sure how I triggered it again, but I got that "local or cloud?" dialog again, picked the correct one, and now it seems to be working like before.

was8bit 2023-09-21 15:39

Cool :)

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