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How to get transparent text?


LRCFresh 2024-02-20 05:31

Title pretty much explains itself. I want transparent text, but both TEXT and PRINT return the basic green background instead of truly transparent pixels. any way around this?

Timo 2024-02-20 08:27

The pixels are transparent, but texts also use cells, so any other cell behind a text (on the same BG) will be overwritten. If you want graphics behind a text, you can use both backgrounds (one for text, the other one for the other graphics).

Though I think there is a bug, that PRINT only works on BG 0, but you can use the TEXT command.

was8bit 2024-02-20 14:02 (Edited)

Ok, so open up Gfx Designer... from there tap the middle tab to open up the color editor. Go to palette#0... on the stack of four colors, tap the top color...

THIS is color #0 of palette#0.. This is the default color that is seen when no graphics have been added to Background 1 or Background 0. It is impossible to add graphics this colored default.. you can edit color#0 to a different color...

You CAN add graphics to BG 1 or BG 0... remember that graphics in BG 1 are displayed on top of the default color #0, and graphics in BG 0 are displayed on top of BG 1

You do have the option of adding more than one color to your text, and even making them solid blocks of graphics... you can create your own font graphics by going to last graphics page, and selecting a font set, then editing them to look the way you want them to look :)

was8bit 2024-02-20 14:06 (Edited)

*IF* you want text and numbers to appear on top of your graphics, keep all graphics on BG 1, and all your text and numbers on BG 0...

Remember that SPRITES will complicate this approach, as sprites are independent of BG layers... you will need to use PRIORITY settings for better control of how sprites layer with backgrounds, AND smaller # sprites ALWAYS layer over top of other sprites with a bigger #...

LRCFresh 2024-02-20 22:05

was8bit this is… exactly what i needed. thank you. releasing a new version of my lowres space program soon!

was8bit 2024-02-21 05:25

Coool :):):)

Glad I could be helpful :)

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