Twisted Pong Challenge


was8bit 2024-04-12 04:55 (Edited)

A quick little challenge to help keep your mind off of stuff and give you a quick break :)


  1. MUST be a blend of two games: .... one player MUST be pong styled, paddle and "ball" that bounces off the paddle ... the other player MUST be non-pong, taken from any game you choose
  2. The pong style game MUST be blended together with the other styled game ... you have complete freedom on how to do that ...
  3. MUST use only 1 (one) page of graphics, and cannot use text or numbers ... use only what is absolutely needed, but dont be too much of a scrooge ;)

Post as "TWISTED PONG" and add your game name to it..


Try to create something original and unique, but everyone who participates wins big "KUDOS" :):):)

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McPepic 2024-04-14 13:28

I have an idea, but it will take a little while.

was8bit 2024-04-14 15:03

Take your time... no need to hurry :) ... thanks for taking the challenge :)

was8bit 2024-04-14 15:04

.... i am still working on mine ;)

GAMELEGEND 2024-04-15 16:04

Oh I am going to do this! I am going to start right now.
oh hell yeah!

was8bit 2024-04-15 16:58

Cool :):):)

was8bit 2024-04-19 17:35

Post game ideas :)

Someone has suggested Twisted Pong: Bowling

... other ideas: Mario, Pinball, Dungeon maze, Pokemon, Sports (soccer, baseball, etc)

GAMELEGEND 2024-04-21 12:50

Twisted Pong Pac-Man.

was8bit 2024-04-22 03:13 (Edited)

Oooo… your doing that… soooo coool :):):):)

.. so, like, Pac-Man will be the “ball” and he will bounce around and interact with ghosts, pills, and dots…

I can’t wait till u getur-done :D

McPepic 2024-04-30 17:10

I figure I should post an update on what I’ve been working on!
(I haven’t added points in yet)

Tetris-Pong WIP.nx | Open in app
2024-04-30 17:10

GAMELEGEND 2024-04-30 18:12

McPepic, this is my favorite twisted pong yet!

was8bit 2024-04-30 19:32

@mcpepic… looking good :) it will need a paddle of some sort to redirect the ball….

…. it might be fun to have a Tetris piece as a paddle.. but it might be too much of a headache figuring out the different angles….

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