Why isn't there an Android version (yet)?


Timo 2019-05-24 07:23

Sometimes people ask about a version of LowRes NX for Android. Here is why it's a bit complicated:

LowRes NX was created in a platform independent way, that's why it's easy to make versions for Mac, Windows and even Linux. But all these versions have one thing in common: They are just the "emulator" for the virtual console. You have to use an external editor to write code and you use your standard file manager to ... well, manage your files. I think this works fine for desktop operating systems.

On the other hand "LowRes NX Coder" for iOS is a self-contained app, including a file manager (supporting iCloud Drive), an editor and the on-screen gamepad. These parts are made with standard iOS user interface components for a better touch screen user experience. But all these parts couldn't be used for other platforms.

Making a version for Android means recreating these parts, which would be probably a full-time job for a few months. I'm not an Android programmer and I don't have a lot of spare time, so I'm not planning to do this on my own.

If LowRes NX gets more popular in the future, I will consider paying someone to create an Android version, but currently I cannot promise anything.

was8bit 2019-05-24 15:15

This looked interesting...


Although these “hack” programs can contain malicious code... looking at the code might inspire some ideas...

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