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How to make a vertical bullet ?


gamer_12321 2019-11-02 11:49

I'm don't know how to use 2 sprites in the same time. The shooter works but I cannot draw a new Sprite . Help me !

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2019-11-02 11:49

gamer_12321 2019-11-02 11:50

I use the B button.

was8bit 2019-11-02 12:14

Ez fix :)

Just post any questions if needed on what I added :)

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2019-11-02 12:14

was8bit 2019-11-02 12:17 (Edited)

A few notes:

1) you must ALWAYS use the Sprite # with SPRITE spr#,X,Y,char#
2) you may choose to leave X or Y or char# empty if you don't want to change these...

When first defining a sprite, I may leave x,y empty
SPRITE spr#,,,char#

When moving a Sprite but keeping the same image, I may leave char# empty
SPRITE spr#,x,y,

But I still use the correct number of commas as if the values should be there...

gamer_12321 2019-11-02 12:21


was8bit 2019-11-02 12:30

Sprites are numbered 0 to 63, so you have up to and only 64 available sprites you may use...

The code i added restricts you to firing only one bullet at time... it uses IBULLET to determine if the bullet is being used or not... this keeps things simple...

For multiple bullets, its more complicated... see my example program for multiple bullets :)

gamer_12321 2019-11-02 15:11

ok !

was8bit 2019-11-02 16:13


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