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Question about lowres files


GAMELEGEND 2020-05-06 04:18 (Edited)

Im going to be getting a new windows laptop soon and in the 1st video in the documentation i know it is a mac and i know it is a outdated video
But do you still open the files the same way

And can i use any text editor for the good ol codin

nwallen 2020-05-06 06:06

You will need to tell windows to use lowresNX to open .nx files.
Any text editor should work.
I recommend using one with a built in terminal as to just run the Invoke-Item command(in powershell I just call the last command) on what you are working on. Faster than going between the explorer and coding especially when fixing bugs.

Timo 2020-05-06 06:07

The videos are from an early version. Now you open files mostly with drag and drop.
The Win/Mac version has no built in code editor so you have to use any text editor.

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-06 06:08 (Edited)

Thanks for the answers nwallen and timo

was8bit 2020-05-06 09:58

SOME Text editors embed invisible codes....

was8bit 2020-05-06 10:08

I use this one on my windows tab...

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-06 14:04 (Edited)

Oh yeah notepad++ i have heard about this
So i just use this and save it has a nx file

Was8bit what is this invisible code usually for are you talkin about the embedded code they use to get your information or are you talking about somthin else

was8bit 2020-05-06 14:49

Like, if you are copying code listed online somewhere, then are pasting it... there will be codes for alignment, font size, etc...

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-06 14:53

Oh that code

was8bit 2020-05-06 17:36 (Edited)

These usually cannot be seen directly... as you edit the code, you notice that sometimes when deleting spaces it takes 2 hits on the DELETE key to delete one blank space... that was a hidden code you deleted...

These hidden codes, however, cause issues when trying to run the copied code in lowres... very rarely will you be copying code from a webpage (ie, like a windows basic game you want to convert to lowres) ...

Some text editors add these secret codes automatically because they are meant for creating decorative printable pages of text, not for writting code... NOTEPAD++ is specifically designed for writting code ;)

nwallen 2020-05-06 18:10

Just sharing: I use VScode with the following task and keybindings to just press F5 and run my code.Yea I am that lazy.

// See
// for the documentation about the tasks.json format
"version": "2.0.0",
"tasks": [
"label": "Invoke",
"type": "shell",
"command": "Invoke-Item '${file}'",

"key": "F5",
"command": "workbench.action.tasks.runTask",
"args": "Invoke",
"when":"editorTextFocus && resourceExtname == .nx",

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