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Does anyone have a tool for merging background files


SP4CEBAR 2022-04-02 20:57 (Edited)

In my chunkloader engine I have a bunch of background files. I'd like to clean this up by putting them into one file. Doing this in text is a bit tricky, so does anyone have a tool for merging background files?

nathanielbabiak 2022-04-03 04:17 (Edited)

It's straight-forward to do this manually.

There's a few tricks to this:

Or you could just make a custom program to do this for the specific dimensions you need. (Check out the manual links above for the format info.) I'd be hesitant to write a tool for it in the general case, since there'd be so much error-checking if the dimensions were out-of-bounds, exceeded the dimension limits, etc.

was8bit 2022-04-03 04:21

You can use the Page Copy command for CHARACTER files, copying only one page from one file to another file, but it is abit tricky...

For background files, if they are all the same size, It might be possible to create a tool along with this trick...

BG SOURCE $A000,32,32

To load 2 background files at once, and figure out a way to view them side by side so as to copy paste blocks from one background to the other background...

Sounds like a big project, but it might be fun to try... i dont have the time unfortunately...

was8bit 2022-04-03 04:23

Or, perhaps you would need to use the FILES commands... its been awhile, so i may be in error somewhere here...

SP4CEBAR 2022-04-03 07:58

Thanks for the replies!
I just wanted to know if one existed already, so guess I'll go make a file merging tool
Also, I didn't know collumn mode editing was a thing, that's cool

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