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Is there a way to use the normal digital Numbers in LowresNX?


Anywhere Games 2022-06-20 21:15

I need those numbers for Game & Watch Style Games? Not sure if we’re allowed to ask or request that stuff?

nathanielbabiak 2022-06-21 00:00 (Edited)

For permission:

The numbers you're asking for are contained within a program, which was posted under the website's terms of use. All programs are released under the creative commons license CC4-BY-NC-SA. If you base your program on someone else's work, give credit to its authors.

For logistics:

A program file contains a complete game or application, including all its data, stored as simple text. The first part is the BASIC source code. The second part are the cartridge ROM entries. (This is what you're asking for!) These are up to 16 numbered data blocks, which can contain any kind of data. You can easily edit ROM entries by using tools. Use the Gfx Designer for characters (sprites, tiles, fonts).

was8bit 2022-06-21 03:23

While inside your game code...
1) open up GFX DESIGNER
2) use arrow keys goto page 4 (4/4)
3) push FILE button
4) push FON (font) button
5) select NORMAL
You should see a font set loaded...
6) push FILE button
7) push SAVE button

.... now you have font set that YOU can edit, and however your font set looks like in your editor, is how it will appear in your game, both letters and numbers and symbols... :)

was8bit 2022-06-21 03:27

Just remember to SAVE your changes before you exit the edit page...

was8bit 2022-06-21 03:39

Here is a quick digial number set you can experiment with, no credit to me necessary :)

Digi Num.nx | Open in app
2022-06-21 03:39

nathanielbabiak 2022-06-21 03:45 (Edited)

You uploaded Zelda Mini Assets (Incomplete), right?

Just download Game and Watch demo game and run the same Gfx Designer tool.


was8bit 2022-06-21 03:51

The digits i use in the demo game are double sized and not directly usable with something like NUMBER

... anyone is allowed to remix anything i post as long as they leave "REM WAS8BIT" for the original code... :)

But i would recommend that i finish that one game first... i am only half finished with it...

nathanielbabiak 2022-06-21 04:35 (Edited)

Personally I'd rather see credit in the website post, since users might not get as far as the code itself, but I suppose either is acceptable under the terms of use.

was8bit 2022-06-21 04:59

I myself use this approach when i want to remix or use someone else's work..

1) i like to ask permission first
2) i add credit to author in code (as most dont add that)
3) especially if i repost their whole code with just abit of remix, i like to add as you suggested

But as long as they leave my programming name in the code, im fine with that :) none of my graphics are original, none of my code is especially complex..

.... in fact, i encourage anyone to remix anything of mine they want to... its a great way to learn stuff, or add improvements :)

LowresNX, and this community, has given SO MUCH to me, i am only glad to be able to contribute back anything i can \(^_^)/

Anywhere Games 2022-06-21 15:11

Thanks, Guys!

Anywhere Games 2022-06-21 15:18

So sometimes I see REM WASHAW GAMES in your code was8bit was that a prior username or another Lowresian?

was8bit 2022-06-21 15:27

That was my older handler... back when i also had a license with yoyogames for their game maker software.... the one thing i hated about them was every year or so they would redo their code, so that the previous games you made would no longer really work and you would have to start over from scratch... and i also really didnt like their code ... it is more powerfull but much more confusing... its like having hundreds of little programs running all at the same time....

Once lowresNX got up and running, i decided i enjoyed this so much more, so i eventually changed my handler name... it also better reflects my history of back in the day writing games with machine code on the old apple2e ... so i WAS an 8bit programmer... now i am with lowresNX which simulates 16bit to me.... :)

Anywhere Games 2022-06-21 15:30 (Edited)

I see, yeah that’d annoy me too.

was8bit 2022-06-21 15:36 (Edited)

This game is a remake of the very first game i made with the old lowres... its also i real life game you can play with kids or adults...

Basically you get 6 players, each are numbered player 1-6 ... you can take on a zoo animal persona to make it fun.. you can play with 2 dice, or more to make it easier...

Each player takes their turn and rolls the dice once, then you MUST choose one dice to play... the # on the dice you choose gives that #'d player one point (or feeds that animal).. game is over immediately the moment a player gets 6 points, who wins the game :)

Although this version of the game plays abit different from the hand played game

Anywhere Games 2022-06-21 19:16

How would one make a High Score Screen like in the old arcade games?

was8bit 2022-06-22 04:54

The simplest aproach would be to simply store the highest score.... I will make an example and post it here for you :)

was8bit 2022-06-22 06:12

Here is a sample game that demonstrates a simple Save Highscore...

Anywhere Games 2022-06-22 20:49

Thank you

was8bit 2022-06-23 03:10


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