Unlimited CPU Cycles


nathanielbabiak 2022-07-02 04:58 (Edited)

I found a console hack a while ago, thought it might be worthy of some discussion. It's interesting if nothing else! I have no interest in using this, personally it feels kind'a gross.

Two findings:

Combining these two findings allows for a Turing-complete instruction pipeline in O(1). This means immediate math, rendering, etc is possible!

To use large strings:

To create an instruction pipeline for your super-slow code:

To use your fast instruction pipeline:

Timo 2022-07-02 13:38

There are several commands which don’t have realistic CPU cycles. I just tried to have some simple rules for them, instead of deciding for each operation how much effort it would be.

Feel free to use any trick you find :) I think the biggest problem is that nobody will understand your code anymore ;)

nathanielbabiak 2022-07-12 05:06 (Edited)

Hey man, nobody understands my code now...

Is that what you want? Because that's how you get Star Fox!

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