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A way to get more than 14 backgrounds?


uncodem 2022-10-21 09:14

I am currently working on a remake of cheese terminator. Now the original cheese terminator has 50 levels, and NX only has 9 available rom slots for 20x16 maps.

Is it possible to gain access to more rom slots than this? And would compression help?

Timo 2022-10-21 09:31 (Edited)

You can create a bigger BG in Gfx Designer and draw all levels next to each other (or on top of each other). With BG COPY you can copy a specific section of it using the source coordinates.

was8bit 2022-10-21 10:58

Would you be open to the idea of using map data??

I envision a map generator that reads a map data array of: block, floor, goal, cheese, mouse

The map generator would automatically add the visuals for corners, etc so it would look nice like it does now..

... i could get an example of what I'm talking about in about a day or two... if you are interested... the advantage would be unlimited levels, one could even add some randomness if done carefully...

... let me know if you would like to see an example made :)

was8bit 2022-10-21 11:04 (Edited)

Here is an example of how i took randomly placed blocks of "solid stone" and smoothed out the corners and edges...

It does this by detecting corners and edges... for your game, rather than adding smoothing pieces, the code would add the images you are using to create the existing borders you are currently adding manually...

... so, all you would have to do is add the locations for what I mentioned above, (block, floor, goal, cheese, mouse) and the code would auto add what you do manually to create the finished map :)

uncodem 2022-10-21 12:06

Thank you for the ideas!! I'm gonna try and make the maps into a one big map. A map generator sounds interesting though. (gave me an idea for a future thing!)

was8bit 2022-10-21 16:24

Cool... Timo's idea works well if they all will fit ok :)

But just it case you still run out of space, it wouldn't take me much time at all, and I enjoy am working on anything LowRes ;) I just have lots of real life going on... but my free time is always on LowRes, so if you change your mind just post here again and I'd be happy to help if needed :)

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