Hello, my name is Jimmy and LowresNX has been my first dive into game development. I am thankful to Timo for making such a platform to have as an entry into coding and game development. I used my first game, HUNGEE FROG, as a learning opportunity and just ‘followed the fun’ until I had something that was a joy to play and develop. I have always enjoyed the inventiveness and energy of early arcade games and wish to make new games in that spirit.


Work in Progress - J.Koher - 2023-06-25
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Heatmap-To-Vector Flow Field Convolution

Example - J.Koher - 2023-01-29
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Skate Engine 1.1

Work in Progress - J.Koher - 2022-11-24
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Release - J.Koher - 2022-01-02
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