5 Years of LowRes NX


Timo 2022-08-01 09:58 (Edited)

5 years ago the first beta version of LowRes NX was released for MacOS. I thought it’s a good time to talk a bit about its history and show some statistics.

Actually, I will not talk about anything and just link to some topics in the forum, that’s less work ;) In any case, enjoy the statistics below.

Thank you so much for using LowRes NX and being part of this small but nice community!



Date Milestone
2015-02-12 Release of the predecessor app „LowRes Coder“ v1.0
2016-12-05 Start of coding LowRes NX (first commit on GitHub)
2017-08-03 LowRes NX v0.1 (first beta, Mac only)
2018-04-24 LowRes NX Coder v1.0 (first release of the iOS app)
2018-08-01 LowRes NX v0.7 (now based on SDL2, added Windows support)
2018-08-21 Removal of predecessor app „LowRes Coder“ from the App Store
2018-10-11 Launch of community website
2018-10-30 Web player
2019-10-11 LowRes NX v1.0 (stable specification)
2019-10-12 LowRes NX Coder v1.9 (app with core v1.0)
2020-09-05 LowRes NX v1.1 (added GameShell support)
2021-03-12 LowRes NX v1.2 (new Gfx Designer tool, added RetroArch support)
2021-03-13 LowRes NX Coder v1.13 (last iOS release)

Most Liked Programs

Title User Likes
Wolf3D nathanielbabiak 23
Wolf3D nathanielbabiak 22
Pokémon Red Demo Diamondwolf3393 21
Wolf3D nathanielbabiak 19
Trapped! Jeanmilost 18
Race v0.7 nathanielbabiak 18
Top Hop Mega Sparkmaster 17
Gfx Designer Timo 17
LowRes Fight DrGonzo 16
Poink! moechofe 16
Micro Machines Greenpilloz 16
3D isometric game engine Jeanmilost 16
EpicWalk Racing Greenpilloz 16
Shuttle TheLivingBlooper 15
test drive Cclx33 15
Mana World Tinycloud778 15
Dumb Difficult Platformer KierhamSoftware 15
NX Bowling Arkia 15
The landscape Jeanmilost 15
Space Harrier LowRes DrGonzo 14
Men In Suits v1.1 TrashCan Games 14
Epic Walk II DrGonzo 14
A Gravity Platform Game nwallen 14
LLAFTIP's Hidden Treasure (adventure game) was8bit 14
FreeSkate Greenpilloz 14
Gorgon BGelais 14
Infiltrator 2000 dredds 14
Sprite-based 3D orczr 14
Lowtris (Tetris clone) Timo 13
tennis Cclx33 13
Brainf*ck IDE S3B4 13
Lose Your Marbles dredds 13
SynthNX Ericisonit 13
Denis Kogne BGelais 13
Full 3D Proof of Concept nathanielbabiak 13
Happy Merry Thing Timo 13
Pacman Dungeon Adventure was8bit 12
Thermosphere nousername010 12
Alice Jonnywhateva 12
Animator Mrlegoboy 12
CHIP8 Emulator Greenpilloz 12
BC'S TIRE RUN BGelais 12
EPAINT.NX Ericisonit 12
The forgotten treasure Jeanmilost 12
Memory Rogue nwallen 12
Wavy Navy BGelais 12
CORRIDORS nousername010 12
Minesweeper nathanielbabiak 12
Path editor dredds 12
Fantasy Console Within LowRes NX! Diamondwolf3393 12
Survive 2 V1.2 TrashCan Games 11
BANDITS BGelais 11
Star Gunner BGelais 11
Archer btco_code 11
Vectorballs Toddl 11
Dash Arena nousername010 11
•—• w o n k a • v i s s i o n •—• Ericisonit 11
Quad Ludo was8bit 11
Sliding uncodem 11
3DTree Nicky 11
Fast 3D Demo orczr 11
Sudoku Ericisonit 11
Lowres Forest NX UxoZii 11
Fast Cars Demo (BMP Import Tool) nathanielbabiak 11
Castlevania 2 Music Wild William 11
LowRes Mahjong Diamondwolf3393 11
Mario Parallax Demo Timo 10
Super Smash Bros. LowRes S3B4 10
Penguin - The Desert Runner Dan 10
LowResArka Jeanmilost 10
SPACE INVADERS (Classic 78's style) BGelais 10
Zomber NX (v1.1) TrashCan Games 10
IT Ericisonit 10
Moon Recon BGelais 10
Zombie shooter Jonnywhateva 10
Attack of the Slimes! Diamondwolf3393 10
Seaquest BGelais 10
Space Zap BGelais 10
Banane Joe desbyc 10
Raid On Fort Knox BGelais 10
Space Escort BGelais 10
SuperFX chip Mrlegoboy 10
Through The Sand - Music orczr 10
Tribute to Final Fantasy Jeanmilost 10
Almost Asteroids Mrlegoboy 10
The Great Escape (Moon Shot Remix) DrGonzo 10
Polly-quest discontinuined Hey, I did a thing. 10
Rotating Tower Timo 10
GUI Library 2.3 [FILE] SP4CEBAR 10
Satisfaction 2.0 Ericisonit 10
GRUE Alice 10
NAT platform “engine” example S3B4 10
10 oneliners Dan 10
Multiweapon Mrlegoboy 10
Adv Gfx Edit v0.1 Ericisonit 10
Ant (sandbox toy) was8bit 10
Scrolling city and clouds dredds 10

Most Played Programs (Online)

Title User Plays
Pink Plumber Guy DrGonzo 1500
Wolf3D nathanielbabiak 1226
Pokémon Red Demo Diamondwolf3393 1165
Mario Parallax Demo Timo 951
Lowtris (Tetris clone) Timo 847
Super Smash Bros. LowRes S3B4 666
Wolf3D nathanielbabiak 644
Space Harrier LowRes DrGonzo 604
Bitmon 2 was8bit 602
LowRes Fight DrGonzo 563
Men In Suits v1.1 TrashCan Games 556
Zelda I Demo Ericisonit 517
Shuttle TheLivingBlooper 515
Penguin - The Desert Runner Dan 500
Epic Walk II DrGonzo 478
LowResArka Jeanmilost 471
Poink! moechofe 467
Gut Runner Timo 464
test drive Cclx33 443
Pacman Dungeon Adventure was8bit 442
A Gravity Platform Game nwallen 427
Survive 2 V1.2 TrashCan Games 408
Micro Machines Greenpilloz 406
LLAFTIP's Hidden Treasure (adventure game) was8bit 392
SPACE INVADERS (Classic 78's style) BGelais 388
Trapped! Jeanmilost 387
Top Hop Mega Sparkmaster 385
tennis Cclx33 384
Zomber NX (v1.1) TrashCan Games 376
FreeSkate Greenpilloz 365
Thermosphere nousername010 360
IT Ericisonit 349
Alice Jonnywhateva 345
Moon Recon BGelais 344
CubikZirconium 1.1 Ericisonit 331
Mana World Tinycloud778 327
Wolf3D nathanielbabiak 323
Zombie shooter Jonnywhateva 322
LowRes Galaxy 2 Timo 319
Gfx Designer Timo 317
BANDITS BGelais 313
Brainf*ck IDE S3B4 310
Gold-Rush Rails game was8bit 310
BIRDHEAD BGelais 309
EAT COW! BGelais 309
Attack of the Slimes! Diamondwolf3393 307
Dumb Difficult Platformer KierhamSoftware 304
Lode Runner Cclx33 299
Lose Your Marbles dredds 298
LowRes tennis TrashCan Games 297
Tetris Puzzler was8bit 296
Animator Mrlegoboy 291
CHIP8 Emulator Greenpilloz 288
PRIEST Ericisonit 287
Chicken Blaster McStevey 282
Jupiter Lander BGelais 282
TOE MAHAWK BGelais 281
SynthNX Ericisonit 279
BC'S TIRE RUN BGelais 278
Piano Roll 1.1 [alpha] SP4CEBAR 274
Epic Walk DrGonzo 274
NX Bowling Arkia 271
Star Gunner BGelais 269
Archer btco_code 267
Rewind Journey S3B4 266
Denis Kogne BGelais 265
EPAINT.NX Ericisonit 265
The landscape Jeanmilost 264
L-Tron Timo 255
Race v0.7 nathanielbabiak 253
Gorgon BGelais 250
Knight game WIP Jonnywhateva 249
SCHIP Play Interpreter nathanielbabiak 246
The forgotten treasure Jeanmilost 237
Memory Rogue nwallen 236
Map Scrolling Timo 236
My block notes Jack Sbertox 229
Escape MCP BGelais 227
Infiltrator 2000 dredds 226
Dungeon of Doom (turn-based game) was8bit 226
Dive into the depths Tinycloud778 218
Simple Shooter NX desbyc 217
CANDY Cclx33 216
The Last Bullet nousername010 214
C.T.A. TrashCan Games 211
Boulder Dash NX desbyc 210
Seaquest BGelais 209
Space Zap BGelais 204
Banane Joe desbyc 203
Jonk Eeye's Poker BGelais 203
Warriors Quest 4.0 NeeshchiiKing 202
BEAM RUNNER desbyc 202
Pizza Sprites Action Pack Flyingpizza264 202
Cow dodge! Jack Sbertox 200
ATLANTIS BGelais 195
Kombat Arkade (shooter game) was8bit 193
Psychadelic Seaweed Sneeze Ericisonit 192
Simplistic game by Hamtaro was8bit 190
Full 3D Proof of Concept nathanielbabiak 189

Users With Most Programs

Name Programs
was8bit 654
G-9 66
TrashCan Games 61
Tinycloud778 60
Mrlegoboy 55
Ericisonit 49
nathanielbabiak 32
BGelais 31
Timo 30
desbyc 28
Cclx33 24
Diamondwolf3393 23
Jack Sbertox 20
Kr87 20
nousername010 19
Jonnywhateva 18
orczr 15
S3B4 14
moechofe 14
McPepic 13
dredds 12
CubicleHead 12
DJMoffinz 10
Jeanmilost 10
LowRes Oranges are good 9
qwaffe 9
Dan 9
Benimo12 9
Hey, I did a thing. 8
Greenpilloz 8
-SkyLock24- 8
GreatGames 6
DrGonzo 6
TTc 6
abnuo 5
CamleeW 5
PranXter 5
FBIJ1mm44u2T 5
rilden 5
KierhamSoftware 5
Jovanihere44 5
crosoft312 5
uncodem 5

App Statistics


Platform Amount
iOS ca. 15000
Windows 1353
Gameshell 1184
Mac 375

iOS Ratings

Stars Amount
5 Stars 390
4 Stars 39
3 Stars 9
2 Stars 5
1 Star 13


$275 (38 Donations)

was8bit 2022-08-01 13:22

Wowzers !

Thanks to you for such a wonderful gaming system, and thanks to you and the people here for such a wonderful community \(^_^)/

G-9 2022-08-01 14:13

wow just wow
i really need to think about donating

was8bit 2022-08-01 15:26

I myself donate somewhat regularly... lowresNX and its community brings me much happiness :D

SP4CEBAR 2022-08-01 17:58

Thank you so much for this wonderful platform! It has made the power of low-level coding with colorful graphics available on most devices, and It doesn't require any complicated setup to use! It has an excellent learning curve: the built-in reference on IOS is really convenient. I learned how to code here five years ago! (in LowRes coder). It's really easy to use: with my iPad, I can code anywhere. Most of my coding experience, I learned here, thank you!

Also, was8bit made 44% of all the games, what!?
(the 45 people on the list made 1475 games)

was8bit 2022-08-02 00:18

To be fair, only a small percentage of what I post is a full game... I post a lot of screensavers, etc...

SP4CEBAR 2022-08-02 08:42

It's impressive nonetheless

was8bit 2022-08-02 13:02

Well, I love games, i own over 500 game titles from over 12 different gaming systems, i own over 200 card, board, dice, etc. regular games, and I also make real games using poster board, card stock, etc... my favorite being is gargoyle chess...

Having spent many hours making text styled games and using machine language on an apple2e back in the day, making games and such on LowRes is a wonderful experience.... and sharing my creations here doubles the fun :) I spend all my free time (what little I get) here ;)

was8bit 2022-08-02 13:04

Growing up, outside of working together, the only other time we spent together as a family (I mean, ALL my family) is we played games together... so technically everyone here is my cyber family ;)

SP4CEBAR 2022-08-02 14:03

wow, that must be a huge source of inspiration!

That's the nice thing about small-scale platforms like these: everyone kind of knows each other

was8bit 2022-08-02 16:01


GAMELEGEND 2022-08-02 21:03 (Edited)

@was8bit jeez! 654 programs!

and I thought I was addicted to LowRes NX

was8bit 2022-08-03 04:41

(Methinks i married it ;) )

Roy___ 2022-08-03 20:48

Thanks for all the hard work Timo!

CubicleHead 2022-08-05 00:09

This is so fun too see!
Lowres Coder was the first time I ever made a program and had fun doing so
And this is probably the nicest and best community I have ever talked with
Thank u so very much Timo (^∇^)

Ericisonit 2022-08-11 18:18

Totally gave me all the feels reading this... i'm kinda surprised only $275, but it just goes to show ya how much of a labor of love this is for ya, Timo.... thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this home for so many of us... it's good to be lowres... no place like home, living in 6-bit color within our 64K address space :c)

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